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In Dreams
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Pre Show
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1/5- Bruce Springsteen- Surprise, Surprise (PreShow Kings Hall, Belfast 20/07/13)
2/5 Bruce Springsteen- Maria's Bed (PreShow Kings Hall, Belfast 20/07/13)
3/5 Bruce Springsteen- Growin Up (PreShow Kings Hall, Belfast 20/07/13)
4/5 Bruce Springsteen- In Dreams (Roy Orbison cover) (PreShow Kings Hall, Belfast 20/07/13)
5/5 Bruce Springsteen- This Hard Land (PreShow Kings Hall, Belfast 20/07/13)
Bruce in Belfast 2013 - pre show - In Dreams
Bruce Makes Special Appearance At His Own Show (Johannesburg 02/01/14)
Bruce Springsteen - Belfast pre gig show
Bruce Springsteen - Full acoustic preshow - Live 29th of June 2013 Paris Stade de France
Bruce Springsteen - Growin' up - Paris 2013
Bruce Springsteen Belfast 2013 - Growin' Up HD
Bruce Springsteen Growin Up Belfast 20.07.13
Bruce Springsteen Growin' Up clip Belfast 20 July 2013
Bruce Springsteen plays "Nebraska" at The King's Hall Arena, Belfast.
Bruce springsteen this hard land paris preshow
Bruce Springsteen, Stade de France - Pre-show - Growin' Up
Growin' Up - Bruce Springsteen - Preshow - Belfast - 20.07.13
Maria's Bed Bruce Springsteen Belfast pre show
Springsteen @ Padova. Growin up (pre show acustico)
Surprise Surprise Bruce Springsteen Belfast pre show
The Promised Land, Growin' Up - Bruce Springsteen - Padova 2013-5-31 (Pre Show)
This Hard Land Bruce Springsteen Belfast pre show