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Because The Night Nils Lofgren and Bruce Springsteen 12/7/2003
Best Guitar Solo Ever!
Blistering Nils Solo - Beacuse the Night - 4/9/12, MSG
Bruce Springsteen "Because the Night" 4/3/12 Izod
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band Boston 4-22-09 Youngstown Nils Lofgren guitar solo
Bruce Springsteen - Because The Night (Nils Lofgren's guitar solo) Helsinki 07/31/2012
Bruce Springsteen - The Blue Danube
Bruce Springsteen And Nils Lofgren-If i should fall behind
Bruce Springsteen Bilbao 2009 07 26 The Ties That Bind, Badlands, Outlaw Pete EITB.COM
Bruce Springsteen Dublin 2009 (12.07.) - Bruce Nils guitar solo battle (prove it all night)
Bruce Springsteen Ghost of Tom Joad Atlanta 4/26/09 Live (From Pit) + Nils Lofgren Solo
Bruce Springsteen Greensboro Coliseum 3/19/12 "Because The Night"
Bruce Springsteen in Vienna 2009 - Walzer & Jackson Cage & Badlands
Bruce Springsteen live tampere Finland 2.6.2009
Bruce Springsteen w/ Nils Lofgren - Waitin' On A Sunny Day (2005) Audio
Bruce Springsteen w/ the Max Weinberg 7 and Nils Lofgren - Shine Silently (2003) Audio
Bruce Springsteen, Nils Lofgren solo, Herning 2009
Bruce Springsteen/ Nils Lofgren - IT'S ALL OVER NOW 2001 (audio)
Ghost of Tom Joad - Springsteen (Nils killer solo)
Man At The Top - Nils Lofgren .avi
Nils Lofgen Solo
Nils Lofgren "Keith don`t go"
Nils Lofgren (bruce springsteen band) and Eric Johnson jam
Nils Lofgren - "Girl in Motion" - BB Kings NY - 9/9/
Nils Lofgren - Across The Tracks
Nils Lofgren - And Friends: Live Acoustic
Nils Lofgren - Because the night
Nils Lofgren - Black Books
Nils Lofgren - Black Books
Nils Lofgren - Electric and Acoustic Rock Guitar DVD
Nils Lofgren - Goin' Back (Solo piano)
Nils Lofgren - Guitar solo - Prove it All Night - The Spectrum October 13, 2009
Nils Lofgren - Keith Don't Go
NILS LOFGREN - Keith Don't Go (1976 O.G.W.T. UK TV Appearance) ~ HIGH QUALITY HQ ~
Nils Lofgren - Keith Don't Go (From "Cry Tough" DVD)
Nils Lofgren - Like A Hurricane (Neil Young)
Nils Lofgren - Night Fades Away (Studio)
Nils Lofgren - No Mercy
Nils Lofgren - No mercy - live solo acoustic Ludwigshafen 2006 -
Nils Lofgren - Wonderland (solo unplugged)
Nils Lofgren Bruce Springsteen RDS 11th July 2009 Ghost of Tom Joad
Nils Lofgren Cry Tough 1976
Nils Lofgren guitar solo (taking it easy)
Nils Lofgren Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 2011
Nils Lofgren Long may you run, Berga, Spain 2010
Nils Lofgren Prove it all Night solo
Nils Lofgren Solo Keith Don't Go 1
Nils Lofgren's 1961 Fender® Stratocaster® Guitar In Action!
Nils Lofgren, Max Weinberg, Garry W. Tallent+ Roy Bittan kommen aus dem Hotel in Berlin 31.05.2012
Nils Lofgren-Because the Night
Springsteen Manchester 28/5/08 Because The Night Nils Solo
Tom Morello & Bruce Springsteen - Ghost of Tom Joad.f4v
Youngstown Live in Barcelona (Nils solo) - Bruce Springsteen